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It all starts with the one question: Who is the BEARPAW family?

BEARPAW PRODUCTS is known for its rough edges, which is exactly what we are proud of. They form our image and show that we can be different to everyone else. They reinforce our belief that we can do more and always improve. We have no templates. Our DNA is shaped by ambition, dynamics, appeal, solution orientation and the uncontrollable will to reach our main goal. We stand out because we focus on opportunities, and we loyally stand by our word for our members, business partners and customers. After all, fortitude and respect for one another and our partners are non-negotiable. BEARPAW PRODUCTS is very proud of being able to describe itself as a global market leader in traditional archery.


Ambition, dynamics, appeal, solution orientation and willpower

Company birth

Year 1997

Average age

34 years young


Tim Beier

Favourite product

Bodnik Bows

Our slogan

Feel the spirit