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The DOA foundation

by Tim Beier

The DOA Foundation was founded by Tim Beier in 2019 and its one of his heart projects at BEARPAW PRODUCTS. The foundation is made for the social sector and cares for children, pupils and their education.
In November 2019, for the first time, donations in kind were made to the international organization "Young Europeans e.V." with the motto "1,000 Advent candles for children in need". The international association has been conducting an Advent tour in several children's hospitals in Germany, Lithuania and Poland for many years, in order to make many eyes shine locally. Find out more about this below.

The path of the foundation


Tim Beier

Founder of DOA

The name of the DOA Foundation is clearly connected to the people who taught me the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take" in life. My mother Dorothea, my grandpa Oscar and my grandma Annelotte. They taught me that with the right commitment and a non-negotiable steadfastness I can achieve everything in life. With these simple and important values I was able to achieve all goals in life, even when it was hard. Already in my young years I was allowed to learn that it is important to always keep life in balance. If the people around us are doing well, we are doing well too. The principle of "give and take" is not negotiable. In today's world, too much emphasis is placed on what you have and who you are. I believe that people with a heart, a goal and with the belief that it is possible can achieve everything in life. There is no measurable size for faith and steadfastness in life. No matter whether it's grades or the degree of a university degree. For this very reason, I would like my foundation to focus on those students who have lost faith in themselves. Those who are "too loud", those who have "too bad grades" and those who do not know what to do. I believe that everyone has the strength and ability to live a free and self-determined life. I believe that through this it is a good world. The foundation aims to provide a platform for students to work with successful people. This includes workshops and individual supervision. The foundation enters into cooperative arrangements to provide the children with valuable professional and educational experiences. We use sports and cultural events to unite young people from all backgrounds. In order to make room for "give and take", the foundation is committed to ensuring that donations in kind reach children in need. Because, in addition to the task of giving children courage and understanding, we also want to dedicate ourselves to providing basic needs.

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Become part of our social media campaign and show your face!
Post a social media article with you and your donation and use the #BEARPAW4DOA.
Send us a message (Facebook or Instagram) and make us aware of it - e.g. if your profile is not public.
We are happy to repost your content - this way we can make even more people aware of our fundraising campaign.
We will then round up your amount of money by 10%.

You are also welcome to donate clothes, toys or similar items - We will bring the items to the people who need them urgently. Also with this kind of donation we will add a sum of money and round up.

We say thank you and look forward to your support!



One Bow - One Child

One bow - One donation

Christopher McCandless once said, "Happiness is only when shared". What does that mean for us in the BEARPAW family?
Every time a #Bodnikbow leaves our shipping department, it automatically means: 3% of the sales price goes directly to the DOA foundation. This way we make twice as happy - and the best part is, YOU help our foundation for children!

1.000 advent candles

for children in need

The international organisation "Young Europeans e.V." has been organising a charitable campaign during the Advent season for many years. This is about the welfare of sick children, who are distributed in children's hospitals in Germany, Lithuania and Poland. The international organisation ensures that many donations for this campaign and children are collected every year. The team of "Junge Europäer e.V." tries to bring a little joy to the children during the Advent season with these gifts and to make their eyes shine.

Thanks to the international organization and the DOA Foundation we can also be a part of this great action and support the project. It is only a small step and the first step, but it is also the beginning of many other good deeds, which are supported by the DOA Foundation.

The children in the clinics in Germany, Lithuania and Poland can be happy about two huge boxes full of donations in kind. Generous and voluntary donors have collected clothes, shoes and also various toys.

A big thank you goes to the members of the BEARPAW family who made this donation possible. Above all, thanks of course go to the international organization "Young Europeans e.V.", which makes it possible to put such charitable actions into practice.

"It is the beginning for many good deeds, which I would like to realize with the DOA Foundation. The principle of "give and take" is not negotiable for me. The DOA Foundation is there for all children who need help and are dependent on support. I look forward to everything that we will do here."

Tim Beier, founder of the DOA Foundation

On the picture: Tim Beier with the two big donation boxes. Donated by the DOA Foundation together with the BEARPAW family.

Donation account

DOA foundation

You want to become a part of the DOA Foundation and support it in its charitable activities?

Besides donations in kind we also collect monetary donations, which are used for different projects. As soon as we start, implement or support new projects, we will report on the use of all donations. With your donation you do not only support the DOA Foundation in its project. What is even more important: With every donation you support children who are dependent on help. The gratitude and joy of these children is priceless. We are happy about every donation!

Donation account of the DOA Foundation.

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