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What does environmental protection mean for us?

Environmental protection is an important issue for the BEARPAW family. The interaction of different components determines our ecological footprint - and we are trying to improve in all these areas. With every project we ask ourselves the question: What can we do for the environment or what can we optimize in the process? We start in small steps and try to focus on the most important features.

In the end, of course, such measures should be traceable and measurable. That's why we have put together a few facts and data for you:

#greenbearpaw | Take a look at our current Goals Table to see to what extent we have been able to contribute to environmental protection.

You can find the current data here:


1. Reduce

1.183 kg

2. Reuse

10 bags

3. Recycle




Our mission




The topic #reduce is about avoiding as much plastic as possible in all relevant areas. It is unbelievable how much plastic waste is caused by various packaging alone in the archery industry. We try to reduce the plastic waste step by step and sometimes in small steps.

1st Milestone 2019: Packaging of Arrow Nets = We save 253,00 kg plastic waste per year!

2. milestone 2019: Equipment packaging = We save 930,00 kg plastic waste per year!


What is hidden behind the term #reuse from BEARPAW? It is quite simple: A packaging is not only a "packaging", but much more. We have designed most of our packaging according to this motto. As a dealer or end customer, you will not only find your shooting glove* beautifully packed in a cotton bag, but it can also be used several times afterwards. Instead of a plastic bag, you can take it with you when you go shopping, for example. Besides a great added value of the packaging we could save a lot of plastic waste in this step.

1st Milestone 2019: Equipment Packaging* = We save 930,00 kg of plastic waste per year!

*Can be taken as an example




With the topic #recycle we work in small steps on improvements within our company. This not only affects our products and their packaging, but also the internal processes and procedures at BEARPAW.

1st Milestone 2019: Packaging springs = We use OPP and CPP (Oriented Polypropylene / Cast Polypropylene) instead of PVC*.

2nd Milestone 2019: Primary use of recycled paper in all printers of the company

3rd Milestone 2019: The objective is "paperless working" - as good as possible

*PVC is poorly recyclable, hardly degradable, it contains plasticizers and toxic substances are produced during incineration. OPP and CPP are food safe, good printable and have a high strength. They also do not contain plasticizers and are easily recyclable.

How do you shop online?

Did you know that returns cause 238,000 tons of CO2* daily¹ ?
Nowadays it is unfortunately taken for granted that you place a large order online. Primarily with the conscious decision to return a large part of it.

We want to distance ourselves clearly from this attitude: Returns have far too high an impact on our nature in terms of CO2 emissions.

Anyone who orders a package from us, which is then to be returned for superfluous reasons, can expect no financial support whatsoever. If a customer decides to take such an approach, he acts on his own responsibility and has to pay the shipping costs out of his own pocket. To test our products even more uncomplicated, have a look at our BEARPAW Location Finder - maybe there is a BEARPAW dealer near you.

We hope that this will help us to increase awareness of returns and avoid them in the BEARPAW house.

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Many different (special) woods are used in bow making. In order to protect rare trees and the rainforest, we have decided to change to a more environmentally friendly way of procuring materials. In the course of this we are increasingly working with "SaRaiFo" (save the rainforest) certified woods.

With the purchase of a Bodnik bow you support us in relieving the tropical tree population. Step by step our bow making will soon be completely converted to such materials.


Since the beginning of 2020 we donate a special amount of money to our DOA foundation founded by Tim for every Bodnik bow sold.
This foundation provides children in need with clothes that we no longer wear, toys and other donations in goods and money. So if you think about "Can this go?" while sorting out your wardrobe or the children's playroom, please send it to the DOA foundation. We distribute it exactly where others are happy about it and besides we avoid a lot of garbage together.

Click HERE to learn more.


climate protection

100 % climate neutral shipping with GLS KlimaProtect

"Since 1 October 2019, GLS has been delivering all parcels in Germany in a 100 percent climate neutral manner. The CO2 emissions caused by the parcel transport are compensated annually through certified projects and GLS also invests in further measures.

For GLS, sustainable parcel logistics is part of its daily business - future-oriented and accompanied by various measures for environmental protection. The responsibility for climate protection is becoming increasingly important. With GLS KlimaProtect a further sign is now set".

Source: KlimaProtect | GLS parcel service. (o. J.). Retrieved March 4, 2020, from