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Longbow Blackfoot

A longbow with an unbeatable price and with superb performance!

Recurve Hopi

The Hopi is the perfect bow for those taking their first steps in archery.

ILF Recurve Shadow

New from Bearpaw Products is our first ILF bow ever - the Penthalon Shadow!

Take Down Recurve Mohican

The Mohican sits really securely and firmly in the hand even before the arrow leaves the bow.

Take Down Recurve Hero

Our goal with the Hero series was to produce beautiful bows with powerful limbs in the lower price area, and offer them at the lowest prices possible.

Take Down Recurve Young Hero

If you would like your children and teenagers to have fun and success in archery it is very important to make sure that they have bows that fit them properly.

Strongbow Traditional Star

The Traditional Star is a strongbow fashioned after a classic English longbow.

Strongbow Traditional Star Long

The Traditional Star Long is a strongbow fashioned after a classic English longbow.

Strongbow Sir Henry

This is a reproduction of a historical longbow in traditional style.

Bearpaw Mongolian Horsebow

The Bearpaw Mongolian Horsebow is built in a powerful bow design and is produced by a master bowyer in this field.

Bearpaw Scythian Horsebow

The Scythian horse bow is a well-priced version of the high-quality horse bows.

Bearpaw Hungarian Horsebow

In Hungary archery shooting from a horse has a long tradition and this country can proudly look back to a famous history.

Take Down Recurve Little Hero

Therefore one can say that Hungary was the melting point of designing and making wonderful horsebows and it prove can be seen at many places there.

Recurve Little Mingo

We designed the Little Mingo for our smallest archers in mind.

Longbow Little Sioux

With the Little Sioux we have developed a longbow in a classic design for our very young archers.

Children's bow Tom

The children's bow Tom is an aesthetically pleasing bow to help our youngest archers make their first steps with bow and arrow.

Children's bow Little Bear

The children's bow Little Bear has everything it needs to open an easy way into the world of archery for our children.

Penthalon bows

the background

We firmly believe that there are no second chances to make a first impression.

For this reason, we have selected the most reliable partner from the many bow manufacturers for our Penthalon brand. With our long-term partner, we pursue the daily objective of realising our ideas and beliefs, even in more cost-effective areas. Archery is for everybody, which is exactly why it is important to us that we can offer the right solutions for all parts of traditional archery. Our top priority is the perfect combination of quality and price. Big or small, young or old – the Penthalon brand offers the perfect selection of high-performance bows for every archer or anybody who wants to become one. Under the umbrella of the Penthalon brand, you will not only find takedown bows, but also recurve bows and longbows. There is one thing we can guarantee you: With our Penthalon bows, you will have the perfect partner in your hand to take up archery!

The professional for beginners
Our Penthalon bows

Natural feathers


Every arrow is one of a kind
BEARPAW natural feathers

Functional and wonderful – that is the best way to describe BEARPAW natural feathers.

Natural feathers not only give your arrow a certain something, but they also have an extremely important function: They stabilise your arrow extremely quickly. They say that a stable swept-wing shape also means a stable grouping. We have invested lots of time and effort to find a reliable and responsible source for our turkey feathers. Today, we are very proud that all our turkey feathers come from a reliable and responsible partner company which we have been working with for many years. Together, we are constantly developing our quality and range of colours further. After all, ultimately the eye “fires” as well. So that you can find your feathers, we have a wide range of different colour variations. If you’re looking for feathers here, you’ll hit the motherlode – and that’s a promise!


everything from one source

Equipped like a professional with BEARPAW accessories.

Your equipment must be just right for you – visually and functionally. To help you find the right items,  we have been manufacturing various different products ever since the company was founded. As a basis for the high quality of our products, we have been investing each year in new production methods and tools. After all, we believe that to stand still is to take a step backwards. For exactly that reason, we are always advancing with our business partners in terms of the right accessory items. So that you don’t have to look for a needle in a haystack, we at BEARPAW PRODUCTS have set ourselves the goal of making selection easy as pie. Start now like a professional with our BEARPAW accessories.

By professionals for you
BEARPAW accessories