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Instinctive archery


"When was the first time you tried archery?"
When we ask this question, we see people smiling as they take a trip down memory lane.

The answer is often, “When I was a child, I built myself a bow and got cracking.” Over time, the bow has developed from a hunting instrument to a piece of sports equipment for everybody to use. Out of all the various possibilities, we devote ourselves to instinctive archery. Why? It’s quite simple: It’s safe to say that learning to use a bow involves a lot of effort. Nowadays especially, we are at full capacity with our careers, fast-paced lives and the monotony of everyday life, so we are always searching for an easy way to let off some steam. We asked ourselves how you could once again experience the ease of childhood or being on holiday. With BEARPAW PRODUCTS and instinctive archery, we want to give you back what delighted you so much in those moments! Experience the tranquillity, adventure and unforgettable times with friends and family. Start listening again to what really matters – your instinct!

Follow your instinct

Tell your story

Share your #FEELTHESPIRIT story with us!

Can you remember a particularly special goosepimple moment when you were using a bow and arrow? Tell the BEARPAW community your very personal #FEELTHESPIRIT story. Your story will get a permanent place in the official BEARPAW PRODUCT blog and it will be read by many fans. We, BEARPAW PRODUCTS, also share the best stories on social media.
Send us your exciting short story and show all archers, with amazing pictures, what you experienced. We can hardly wait!

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