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BEARPAW Kill Tournament

Soon it will start again!

For those of you who don't know it yet:

The name Kill Tournament stands for a special competition by Henry Bodnik. All shots are at a maximum distance of 28 meters and are the result of Henry Bodnik's bowhunting experience. Every single shooting position is designed and set up by him. In doing so, he creates a truly great "hunting experience" using the selected shooting positions.

As always, there are fantastic prizes to be won! The BEARPAW KILL tournament tours through many different countries and is always a highlight for traditional archers. Usually you will spend 2-3 days at the respective venue and will be catered for by the organizer. Come and let us surprise you! More info, videos, as well as the rules, you can find on the page of Henry Bodnik.

- Only for traditional archers -

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BEARPAW Kill | Eisenbach
Hotel for archery Hochschwarzwald

BEARPAW Kill Tournament Eisenbach
9. - 10. May 2020

Same procedure as every year! The special tournament with Henry Bodnik and the BEARPAW family starts into the year 2020 with Hubert Wursthorn and his team. The venue is the archery hotle in the Hochschwarzwald - this is also where you will be accommodated during the tournament. The registration is via mail to For more information and a direct hotel reservation, please contact Hubert Wursthorn anytime:


BEARPAW Kill tournament Romania
03. - 05. July 2020

OxygenArt, together with the BEARPAW family and Henry Bodnik, is organizing a great kill tournament this summer.
For registration, please contact Alin directly - he will organize everything on site and is looking forward to your participation!

BEARPAW Kill | Summer
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BEARPAW Kill Tournament UK
18. - 19. July 2020

The Senlac Field Bowmen host the first BEARPAW Kill tournament in the UK - After a few days all 170 seats were already booked! For those who have already booked their seats, you can join the Facebook group for information and news. For all other interested parties there is a waiting list. Please feel free to contact Phil and Ben with questions and requests via mail at any time

The Senlac Field Bowmen are looking forward to seeing you all in East Sussex in July!

BEARPAW Kill Austria
01. - 02. August 2020

Traditionally, the BEARPAW Kill Tournament has also taken place at the Holzmichl in Austria for several years now. As an experienced host of the Kill Tournament, he is always available for help and advice! There are still places available, which you can secure. Register directly with Michael and look forward to a great location with a great team!

BEARPAW Kill | Austria
Traditionally at the Holzmichl


BEARPAW Kill | Switzerland
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BEARPAW Kill tournament Switzerland

The team of  BOGENSPORT BEARPAW SCHWEIZ  is looking forward to the Kill Tournament in the beautiful Aristau together with Henry Bodnik and the BEARPAW family!
For the perfect end of the season, secure your places quickly and contact the great team of BEARPAW Switzerland.