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For the new feather packaging we wanted to abolish, above all, the PVC (polyvinylchloride) that was previously used for the packaging. Because this is badly recyclable, difficult to degrade, it contains plasticizers and the combustion of toxins. The new plastic we use is OPP and CPP (Oriented Polypropylene / Cast Polypropylene). This plastic is even food safe, good printable and has a high strength. But especially important for us: it contains no plasticisers and is easy to recycle. On the packaging a recycling label is attached. This is a voluntary statement from us to support the recycling industry in Germany ... albeit on a small scale. But change begins on a small scale. Now some of you are going to ask, "Why not a bioplastic?" That's what we've been up to. For the following reasons, we have at present dispensed with the use of bioplastics: First, there are various plastics, which are referred to as bioplastics. Here it is very important that "biodegradable does not mean immediately that the substance was made from renewable raw materials. Likewise, not every plastic made from renewable raw materials is biodegradable. You see, it's not all alike "bio" where "bio" is on it. Furthermore, the degradable plastics must be composted in industrial composting plants. Their decomposition produces only carbon dioxide (C02) and water - so no valuable soil components and energy is consumed to create perfect mining conditions. Unfortunately, the incineration of waste cuts even better here, as this energy is gained instead of energy is consumed. Ideally, our recycling industry should recycle technical substances, such as plastics, into their recycling system. In such a perfect circulatory system would not have to do without plastic, since it could be 100% reused. The first step is the recycling label on our packaging. Of course, there are still many questions on the subject, to which I can only recommend each of the book "Cradle to Cradle: Simply intelligent" by Michael Braungart, William McDonough and a look at

We try to do our best in packaging to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. This year there will always be innovations on this topic. We go one step at a time.

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