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From Tuesday, 28.04.20 we will open our shop again!

Dear archery friends,

From Tuesday, 28.04.20 we will open our shop again in compliance with the hygiene regulations - please read this carefully before you come - We are looking forward to you!


Opening hours:

- Tuesday: 2 pm -  5:30 pm

- Thursday: 2 pm - 6 pm

- Friday: 10 am -  2 pm

  • After making an appointment by telephone (+49(0)9565 61688 0) or booking an appointment via our online tool, you can come and visit us for advice:
  • We can only accept a maximum of one customer per appointment in our shop, i.e. you get your own 30-minute slot  .
  • Please ring the bell! We will then assign you.

- Please pay by card only! -


Entering our shop is only possible with a nose-mouth cover. The specified distances to sales personnel must be observed.


Stay safe!

The BEARPAW Family

We're looking forward to you!