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BEARPAW PRODUCTS starts in the second generation

Our industry is changing fundamentally. The demands on deliverability, product quality, work in social media, as well as dealing with the advancing digitization has never been so crucial. This raises the question of who in the future will shape the market in terms of market growth, product quality and service innovation. For us at BEARPAW PRODUCTS, there is only one answer: Yours with us! Therefore, as part of our "Project Future", we have today introduced changes that further broaden our trading network and our brand BEARPAW PRODUCTS, making it even easier and more accessible. It also applies in a new structure: BEARPAW REMAINS BEARPAW!

From 18.01.2019 Tim Beier enters the successful footsteps of Dorothea and Henry Bodnik. This gives our family business BEARPAW PRODUCTS a new face for the future. Tim will manage the fortunes of BEARPAW PRODUCTS as managing partner. Therefore, Henry Bodnik will prioritize his company Bodnik Bows, which is the exclusive supplier of BEARPAW PRODUCTS worldwide. Thus, we can continue to ensure that special attention is paid to quality, product development and innovation. Of course, Dorothea and Henry will continue to be at our disposal with their expertise and expertise. So that BEARPAW PRODUCTS can continue to design our archery market in the future, we look forward to seeing Dorothea and Henry as experienced consultants in the background. We will follow the vision of Dorothea and Henry to make our traditional archery even more sociable. The Instinctive Archery Academy will cooperate much more closely with BEARPAW PRODUCTS. Our goal is to develop a unique, simple and modern trainer system. The decision of the founders Dorothea and Henry Bodnik to give their life's work into the hands of their family member Tim underlines the future potential of our strong brands BEARPAW PRODUCTS and BODNIK BOWS.

By handing over the business to the second generation, we want to underline our ambition to work together with our business partners, colleagues and above all you, our loyal archery friends, for the long term, successful and personal. With great respect and full of appreciation we want to take this opportunity to thank Dorothea and Henry Bodnik for so much thanks! Especially with the important message that you can achieve everything with family and passion. This tradition is retained in the second generation!

Two generationens in one picture

Henry & Tim at the ATA 2019

The founders of BEARPAW PRODUCTS

Dorothea Bodnik-Beier & Henry Bodnik