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Environmental protection is an important topic. That's why we want to use the World Environment Day to educate about our activities.
BEARPAW PRODUCTS is also concerned with this and tries to support environmental protection, even in small steps. We have set three major goals for this important topic. If we are concerned with the topic and define appropriate measures, at least one of the three goals must always be met. What are these three goals?


What is BEARPAW PRODUCTS currently doing or what has already been done to protect the environment?
The first "tender" step towards environmental protection was the new packaging of the backstop netting. All backstop netting have been sent to date in simple "disposable plastic", which landed in garbage on arrival. As you can imagine, this packaging has caused many plastic waste. Although our new packaging is also made of synthetic substance, we have successfully implemented the "Reduce" and "Reuse" goals here. How so? Our new packaging is more a bag than a simple packaging. This bag replaces all "disposable plastic bags" and has many other uses after the packaging function. Whether for shopping, sports or traveling - the new bag can be a companion anywhere. What did we achieve through this? We save 253.00 kg of plastic waste per year!
After the backstop netting we started directly with the improvement of the feather packaging. Here we primarily pursued the goal of abolishing PVC (polyvinylchloride) in the packaging. PVC is poorly recyclable, difficult to break down, contains plasticizers and incinerates toxins. So if you think about environmental protection in the long term, PVC is unacceptable in the quantities. The new plastic we use is OPP and CPP (Oriented Polypropylene / Cast Polypropylene). This plastic is even food safe, good printable and has a high strength. But especially important for us: it contains no plasticisers and is easy to recycle. Now some will ask: "Why no bioplastics?" Again, we have been busy (read here).

How does it go from here? Our product design is already working on the next steps together with purchasing and business management. We will also replace all "disposable plastic bags" in our archery gloves, armguards and quivers with cotton bags. This allows us to clearly implement the goals of "reduce" and "reuse". What do we achieve in concrete terms? We can save 930.00 kg of plastic waste annually by this measure alone. Even such with smaller items, like a string, we are searching for a solution to abolish the plastic bags.

BEARPAW PRODUCTS tries, even in small steps, to support environmental protection and we are constantly working on new solutions. Anytime ee take ideas, suggestions and questions on this topic.