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100375 Leitold L.G. Animals Rep

100375 Leitold L.G. Animals Rep

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Leitold x BEARPAW PRODUCTS - and builig your 3D-Archery course has no more limits!

Leitold designs and produces each of its more than 170 different 3D animals by hand at its facility in Moosdorf, Austria. The special feature of Leitold's 3D animals is that they are made from only one workpiece! (Exceptions are the crocodile and the standing grizzly). In addition, Leitold uses a high-quality polyurethane foam for the production of its animals, which is extremely UV-resistant and thus significantly extends the durability and appearance of the animal! The material mixture ensures a reliable stopping of the arrows and effortless arrow pulling. Many animals also have integrated irons that provide a secure stand.

Productfeatures at a glance:
  • Repair foam for repairing 3D-Animals
  • Your target will be delivered within 14 business days.
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