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10802 Spruce Shafts Premium Quality 5|16

10802 Spruce Shafts Premium Quality 5|16

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Spruce wood shafting has a long tradition and a rich history in arrow making because it has excellent flight properties. This type of wooden shaft is particularly light in mass weight but it recovers quickly from the shot. Thus, the spruce wood stock is particularly suitable for use in 3D tournaments and for normal informal target shooting as well. Due to the lower arrow mass weight you get faster arrow speeds and flatter trajectories for more accurate shooting and, because of its excellent grain structure and inherent straightness, spruce wood shafts provide the perfect foundation for making the best wooden arrows.

Each of these spruce wood shafts is hand selected in our arrow manufacturing facility for a perfect match in spine values, straightness, and grain configuration. Only the best spruce wood shafting deserves to become Bearpaw Arrow shafting!
  • Diameter: 5/16”
  • Spine Weights: -30 lbs - 40+ lbs
  • Shaft length: 32"
  • Country: Made in Germany

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