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30171 Limbs Little Hero

30171 Limbs Little Hero

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Product description

The powerful limbs can be shot with any standard high-performance tendon. We used black fiberglass laminate for these Hero limbs so they match perfectly with the smoky dark middle parts. For the best perfomance from the Hero limbs on your bow, we recommend our Henry Bodnik Whisper Strings. In addition to the added performance, with our Whisper Strings your bows will be "whisper quiet"!

Little Hero limbs are available in 3 different weights, so that the bow can grow with your children and fit them perfectly as they get bigger and stronger.The perfect weights and bowlength for the youngest of archers.

  • Bow Length: 48 inches
  • Draw Weight limbs: 10, 12 and 14 lbs
  • Bowstring: Whisper String (or any other high-performance string)
  • Guarantee: The limbs are quaranteed against breaking or delaminating for a period of two (2) years.
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Our Penthalon Hero is the perfect beginner bow. With its successful combination of aesthetics and performance, it makes archery an unforgettable adventure. But not only for beginners the Penthalon brand offers the right bow: In the Premium line, experienced archers are also rewarded.



With the carbon shafts of the Penthalon brand, design and quality have been combined in the best possible way. Arrow weight, precision and length of these carbon shafts were designed precisely to meet the needs of traditional archery. The Penthalon carbon shafts have been tested by archers around the globe and found to be excellent.



Penthalon bows

Which draw weight suits me?

The draw weight of a bow is like the horsepower of a car. Higher number means stronger bow. Beginners should start with a low draw weight. We recommend 20 to max. 30 lbs. If you feel athletically fit, then rather 25 or 30 lbs. If you want to choose a light bow, go for 20 lbs.

What is "RH" & "LH"?

"RH" or "LH" refers to drawing hand. Right hand: Hold bow on left, pull string with right hand. Left hand: Reverse.

What is the bow length?

The string length is always given in inches. 1" = to 2.54 cm. For example: 68" = approx. 173 cm. According to the AMO (Archery Merchants and Manufacturers Organization), bow length is defined as 3 inches longer than the fitting string.

Which string do I need?

With the order of a Penthalon bow you already receive the matching string - free of charge.

The Penthalon bows are built according to the AMO standard. This means: The matching string for your bow is always 3" shorter than the specified bow length.

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