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40019 Flu Flu Arrow

40019 Flu Flu Arrow

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Due to the long fletching the arrow is quickly stabilised and slowed down. Especially when shooting short distance, onto small or moving targets it minimises mistakes and hits more exactly.

  • Shaft: Spruce 11/32
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Spine: 50 - 55 lbs
  • Point: Bearpoint 3 D 11/32 125 grs.
  • Nock: Bearpaw Traditional Nock 11/32
  • Feathers: 6 fold fletching 4,5 inches
  • Finish: Shaft lacquered

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Our Penthalon Hero is the perfect beginner bow. With its successful combination of aesthetics and performance, it makes archery an unforgettable adventure. But the Penthalon brand doesn't only offer the right bow for beginners: in the Premium line, experienced athletes are also rewarded.



With the carbon shafts of the Penthalon brand, the design and quality were combined in the best possible way. Arrow weight, precision and length of these carbon shafts were designed precisely to meet the needs of traditional archery. The Penthalon carbon shafts have been tested by archers around the world and found to be excellent.



Penthalon Arrows

With which feathers are the carbon arrows fletched?

Our carbon arrows are fletched with our high quality and beautiful natural feathers.

For which bow can I use the arrows with natural feathers?

Our carbon arrows with natural feathers can be used without restriction for all types of bows.

How to shorten the arrows?

We measure according to AMO standard. This means we measure your desired shaft length from the base of the nock (lowest point in the nock notch) to the end of the shaft.

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