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40099 Cedar Arrow Set Rainbow Kids Suction Cup (12 pcs)

40099 Cedar Arrow Set Rainbow Kids Suction Cup (12 pcs)

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Our Port Orford Cedar shafting is also our first choice when making our cedar wood arrow sets for children. For these arrows we use cedarwood shafting with a diameter of 5/16" which are hand selected for the best in straightness and wood grain. By doing this, we ensure that the cedar wood arrows we make for children can meet our strict quality requirements.

The characteristics unique to Port Orford Cedar have always made cedar the best all-around choice in wooden arrows. Thanks to its excellent modulus of elasticity, Port Orford Cedar arrows recover from the flex of the shot amazingly fast, they provide a controlled flexibility that gives you a fast yet stable arrow that is willing to stay straight for long periods of time! All our cedar wood arrows are finished with a high quality premium finish for protection from moisture and rain

For our children's arrows, we have put together an arrow set from all the different colors of the rainbow. All children's arrows are 24" iches long so they're perfect for the smallest of archers! These arrows are provided with our special suction tips, so that even the youngest of archers can take their first steps on their journey with the bow and arrow.

  • Diameter: 5/16“
  • Length: 24“
  • Fletching: Bearpaw 3“ natural feathers
  • Points: Suction cup tips
  • Nocks: Bearpaw Traditional Nocks
  • Quality: Select Quality
  • Quantity: 1 Set = 12 arrows
  • Finish: Premium colour lacquer
Simply scroll down to order replacement nocks and tips!

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