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70505 Passport Lilly

70505 Passport Lilly

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Product description

But what is the story behind this product?
DOA COLLECTION - High quality products with more than one good purpose.

"The name DOA is clearly connected to the people who taught me the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take" in life. My mother Dorothea, my grandpa Oskar and my grandma Annelotte." - Tim Beier, CEO Bearpaw Products & Founder DOA Foundation. Starting in 2019 with small steps, the DOA Foundation will take a big step in 2020 - together with Buckle & Seam. Of the total revenue generated by the DOA Collection, 3% will go directly to the DOA Foundation's donation account. The DOA Foundation will use these donations for various activities, thus trying to make the world a better place for children/young people and students. But this is not the only part that creates something good. Through the partnership between BEARPAW and Buckle and Seam alone, 3% of the revenue generated by Buckle and Seam has also already gone to the girls' school in Karachi.

helden_vorbilderMu5Hk5ndvb65HWhy does the product have this exact name?
Lilly is not only the newest member of the BEARPAW organization, but also a young person that BEARPAW PRODUCTS takes to hand. BEARPAW wants to inspire and help everyone to find and develop the hidden potential within themselves. For what? To make the world a better place and leave a footprint of its own. In 2020 Lilly will start her apprenticeship at BEARPAW and her vision has convinced in the application process. In an interview Lilly was asked: "Why is Lilly in this world? Her answer, at only 18 years of age, was impressive: "I believe that I am here in the world to give something back and to help others". Such a strong and consistent message from Lilly was undoubtedly what BEARPAW is looking for in members.
We want to give Lilly the chance to get the most out of herself and find her potential to make the world a better place. To give something back or help others. Hand in hand, a clear path - from BEARPAW and Lilly. Nice to have you with us, Lilly.


A must-have for your next trip!
In the spacious Passport Lilly you can not only store your passport, but also cards, your flight ticket and cash. The small inside pockets give you many possibilities to store your papers and cards the way you like it best. This product is made of "Full Grain" leather. You wonder what this is? Full Grain leather is the highest quality form of leather and makes the products very durable. By using it, you can achieve a unique and individual vintage look after a while.


  • dimension: 15 x 11,5 x 1 cm
  • weight: 0,1 kg

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