What is behind BEARPAW COUNTRY?

With BEARPAW COUNTRY you have found the largest course network worldwide. We want to create unique places where archery enthusiasts can come together and create unforgettable experiences - alone or together with family and friends.

Why archery?

Archery teaches skills for life. It offers a lot of potential to inspire even more people. Concentration, tranquility, appreciation of nature and simply "letting go". People can learn this and much more. No matter if young or old, big or small - archery is versatile and enables fun and success for everyone.

What is the goal of BEARPAW COUNTRY?

We pursue the goal to make this unique sport socially acceptable and easy to experience all over the world. No matter where you are, you should get an uncomplicated and great access to archery.

You can look forward to that!

100% fun and adventure! Whether you are alone or with your loved ones, you will have a unique time on our BEARPAW COUNTRY courses. Our courses are always in a special environment and you can look forward to exciting goals with different levels of difficulty. No matter which BEARPAW COUNTRY you are on, our local partners will always take care of you. Whether it's rental equipment, courses or assistance with shooting - our partners have an eye on you.

Buy your course tickets! 

You have found a course on your route? In our online shop you have the opportunity to quickly and easily buy the appropriate tickets online. Simply select the desired course!

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