Collection: Penthalon Bows - The brand for beginners

Collection: Penthalon

Penthalon enables people to experience a great start in archery. Our products impress not only with their excellent price-performance ratio but also with outstanding performance. For each Penthalon bow, we focus on a careful selection of materials and an appealing design to bring unique bows with a high fun factor to the market.

Perfect for Beginners
Our Penthalon bows are ideal for anyone who wants to experience a great start in archery. With a successful combination of aesthetics and performance, Penthalon bows make archery an unforgettable adventure. With a Penthalon bow, you have the perfect equipment to develop and improve your archery skills. Quick and easy: purchase our beginner sets with the Penthalon Hero.

Premium Line for Experienced Archers
But it's not just beginners who benefit from the Penthalon brand. Our premium line is also aimed at experienced archers who value the highest quality and performance. These bows offer advanced archers the opportunity to refine their technique and achieve their goals with precision and style. This includes: Penthalon Recurve Bow Creed, Penthalon Take Down Bow Chapman, and Penthalon Longbow Omaha.

Bows for Children and Youth
For our children and youth, it is important that they have fun and success in archery. Therefore, children's and youth bows must be both beautiful and powerful. Our Hero hunting recurves for children and youth are in no way inferior to the adult bows and guarantee successful and enjoyable archery. For every age, we offer complete beginner sets.