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In today’s fast-paced world, many people are looking for balance. Archery strengthens mental fortitude, improves focus, and connects us with nature, far from the daily noise. The bow is the central element in archery and crucial for success. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced archer, or a pro – the right bow makes all the difference. The bow determines the power, speed, and accuracy of the arrow.

For Beginners
Our beginner brand Penthalon offers a great start in archery with an excellent price-performance ratio and outstanding performance. The Penthalon Hero series combines aesthetics and performance, making it ideal for beginners. Even Penthalon's premium line caters to experienced archers. To start quickly and easily, we recommend our popular beginner sets.

For Experienced Archers
Bodnik Bows are renowned and sought after worldwide. Each bow is handcrafted, providing shooting stability, a flat trajectory, and smooth draw. Bodnik Bows are powerful, comfortable, and unique, with a 30-year guarantee. In our world-renowned Bearpaw Limb System (BLS), you can customize your bow to your liking. Your BLS bow grows with you and adapts to your needs, no matter what adventure you embark on. Choose from over 52 handcrafted risers and various limbs that best meet your requirements.

For Children and Youth
Bows for children and youth
need to be both beautiful and powerful to ensure fun and success. The Hero series offers the right model and strength for every age. To have everything needed to start, we recommend our beginner sets for children and youth.

Custom Bows
For something unique, we offer custom bows. Our bow makers bring your personal wishes to life with craftsmanship and expertise. Each Bodnik Custom Bow reflects our extensive experience.

Our experts offer a free initial consultation to help you choose the right bow. Additionally, we provide a wide range of accessories.