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Collection: Recurve Bows

Discover the world of Penthalon recurve bows – ideal for archers of all experience levels.

What is a Recurve Bow?
Recurve bows are renowned for their outward-curving limbs, which make them highly efficient and require less effort to draw compared to longbows. They also exhibit minimal hand shock post-release, making them versatile and attractive for both recreational and competitive archery.

Penthalon Recurve Bows
Crafted with meticulously chosen materials and appealing designs, our Penthalon recurve bows are engineered to deliver unique designs with a high fun factor. Offering impressive arrow speeds, Penthalon recurve bows enhance precision and power with every shot. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. Penthalon Recurvebows can be shot with a high-performance string - we recommend the Whisper String.

Explore more about our Penthalon bows in this video.

To keep your Penthalon recurve bow in prime condition, consider purchasing our bow care kit. It includes everything you need for upkeep. For convenient and secure transport of your Penthalon recurve bow, we offer a selection of suitable recurve bow cases. Looking for the ideal arrows? Penthalon is also globally recognized for top-quality, high-performance arrows and shafts, including carbon arrows, wooden arrows, and custom arrows.