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Personalize your equipment with an engraving! Whether for yourself, for your favorite club or as a gift for your loved ones - a name or initials round off your equipment perfectly equipment.

We explain here what you need to know about engraving!

Which product line can be engraved?

You can have all leather products from our leather and textile collection engraved. What is behind it? With this collection BEARPAW PRODUCTS sets new standards in the whole industry. Our partner in Pakistan attaches great importance to consistent quality and good working conditions for the employees. The employees in the production have working hours of 8 hours and have the possibility to take enough breaks. Furthermore, our partner takes care of insurances for the employees and their families, all of them receive a secured income through employment. The salary of the local employees is three times of what is average for this region. Our partner is also "B Corp" and "BSCI" certified. In order to bring sustainable, high quality and well-designed products to the market, we use only "REACH compliant" materials.

What do you need to know?

If you have decided to personalize your equipment, we would like to give you the following information:

  • Look: Your engraving will be done in the timeless font "Arial". This creates a classic & clean appearance.
  • Length: To make your name or initials look good and neat, an engraving includes a maximum of 14 signs.
  • Position Archery Glove: Each Archery Glove is engraved on the outside of the strap.
  • Position Armguard: Almost every Armguard will be engraved on the top and centered. Exceptions are: Easy Long and Easy Short (check the item to see the position).
  • Position Quiver: Almost every Quiver is engraved at the bottom and centered. Exceptions are: Side Quiver Light, Side Quiver Easy Kids, Side Quiver Mountain, Hip Quiver Wood, Side Quiver Easy and Side Quiver Basic (look at the item to see the position).
  • Which product cannot be engraved? All textile products from our collection cannot be engraved.
  • Delivery time: If your selected product is available, you can expect a maximum of 4 working days in addition, in which we personalize your product.
  • What does the engraving cost? For the start of the project we give you the engraving for free. This is a limited time offer.
  • Exchange/Complaint: Since we personalize the product on your request and it becomes unique, engraved products are generally excluded from exchange.

It's that simple!

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