Discover your hidden potential & make your impossible possible

We are the BEARPAW organization - a fastest growing archery brand for the B2B and D2C segment worldwide. Located right in the center of Franconia, we want to inspire people to search for their hidden potential. That's why, in addition to our time, we also invest a lot of our economic power in our DOA Foundation to support young people.

With you, we want to take the next step. Join us on our journey to develop different potential sports that empower all people to try things for the first time. Come join our team to find your hidden potential and prove that nothing in life is impossible.

  • Do it!

  • All in!

  • Feel Unlimited!

  • I am Hannibal!

  • Sincerity? Yes please!


We are a Scale Up Company! You benefit from the learnings of the Scale Up Coaching. Scale Up is a framework with whose tools we design our company. This creates the opportunity to work not only in the company, but also on the company.

What is behind the EO? Forbes: "The most influential entrepreneurial organization in the world." Through Tim's membership, our CEO, we have a huge network in over 61 countries around the world to great companies and personalities.

Result before time

We are here at BEARPAW and not in kindergarten. That's why we don't measure work time. Through yourOJR(Objective Job Result), you are your own entrepreneur and your leader is responsible for coaching you to be maximally agile on the road! Conclusion:Trusted working time based on your performance!

Remote Work

Whether you are located in the headquarters or somewhere else in the world does not play a primary role. Again, your OJR helps us! Your job and goals are clear - no matter where you sit. Of course, everyone is welcome in our beautiful office & gets their own workspace! Our members are currently spread over five different locations: New York (USA), Lyon (France), Berlin, (Germany), Göttingen (Germany) and our headquarters in Rossach/Großheirath (Germany).

Bearpaw Fitness

Dan is the fitness and health coach of the BEARPAW team! He offers 2 group fitness sessions a week for our team and coaches you beforehand with an analysis and during the session based on your goals. He is also available to help you with the topic of nutrition. This health service is 100% financed by BEARPAW for all members. PS. Training is also possible online!

Fitness Kitchen X Bearpaw

We are aware that our location is not in any metropolis. However, the nature and tranquility around us has only advantages. But how do we get delicious lunch? Our cooperation with Fitness Küche in Lichtenfels enables us to get fresh and healthy lunch every day.

Office Dog Mia

"Several studies and research have shown that dogs provide social support, are able to reduce stressincrease cognitive skills and social interaction, and counteract depression and anxiety in humans."

Mia, our secret CEO, is allowed in the office at all times and is an integral part of our team. She cheers everyone up and looks forward to lots of cuddles!

Our process

1. You send us your application via Personio.

2. Our HR function reviews your documents & forwards them to the appropriate Team Lead.

3. You receive our membersheet to answer some exciting questions within 48 hours.

4. Your first interview with the BEARPAW team takes place.

5. After the first interview follows the second and last one.

6. We send you an offer & you can decide within 7 working days.

Feedback from other candidates

"The application process with you guys was really unique and your company culture is impressive."

Ambitious, dynamic & with many rough edges!