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A well-designed quiver ensures that your arrows are easily accessible, securely stored, and organized, allowing you to fully concentrate on aiming and your technique. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced archer, choosing the right quiver can significantly impact your shooting experience. From traditional back quivers to modern side quivers, each style offers unique benefits tailored to different shooting preferences and needs. Explore our range of high-quality quivers that combine functionality with style, to find the perfect addition to your archery gear.

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Quality Products from Bearpaw Products
Our products are manufactured in Pakistan (Karachi). Our partner in Karachi places great emphasis on consistent quality and good working conditions for employees. Production staff work 8-hour shifts with sufficient breaks. Additionally, our partner provides insurance coverage for employees and their families, ensuring secure incomes through employment. The local wages are three times higher than the regional average, highlighting our commitment to fair employment practices. These aspects, often taken for granted elsewhere, are exceptional in Pakistan, where low job security, low wages, and lack of worker rights prevail. Each employee has been carefully selected for their expertise, reflecting in the high-quality craftsmanship, consistent quality, and elegant appearance of our products.

Furthermore, our partner holds "B Corp" and "BSCI" certifications! "B Corp" is an international certification that recognizes companies for their social and environmental impacts by the non-profit organization "B Lab". The goal of "BSCI" is to improve working conditions worldwide, adhering to a specific code of conduct within the supply chain.

Each of our products is handmade. Whether it's a archery glove, armguard, or quiver, there's a person behind each product performing their work with love and passion. Our partner's team of 30 to 40 employees is dedicated to our products, from sample making to the final product. Some employees have been with us for up to 35 years, mastering their craft.

Materials for Our Leather and Textil Products
We place special emphasis on selecting and sourcing materials for our leather and textile products. The right use of materials ensures sustainability and top-quality results. To introduce sustainable, high-quality, and well-thought-out products to the market, we exclusively use "REACH-compliant" materials. Products and articles are considered REACH-compliant if they meet all conditions of the EU chemicals regulation. We strive to use as many natural materials as possible. For example, most of our quivers are lined with leather rather than synthetic materials. All our materials are sourced locally, considering short transportation routes. The seams of our products are sewn with "German Gütermann thread", known for its exceptional durability.

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Back Quivers
Back quivers are arguably the most classic version in archery. Typically made from leather or textile, they are available in both simple and traditional designs. Worn on the back, they provide an aesthetic and practical way to transport arrows. Often equipped with adjustable shoulder straps or three-point harnesses, back quivers prevent slipping during shooting. These straps allow for individual adjustment to the archer's body, ensuring the quiver sits securely and comfortably. Back quivers allow for quick access to arrows and are particularly popular with archers who move around a lot, such as those participating in 3D archery in the field.

Hip Quivers
Hip quivers are worn on the hip and can be attached on either the left or right side, depending on the archer's preference. These quivers are secured to the belt using clips or belt loops. Hip quivers offer a practical way to keep arrows within reach without hindering movement. Available in various designs and materials ranging from traditional to modern, hip quivers allow for quick and convenient access to arrows while distributing the weight evenly on the hip.

Holster Quivers
Holster quivers are another option for archers who prefer to carry their arrows at hip height towards the back. These quivers are worn using belt loops and hold arrows securely, allowing for quick access while remaining discreet and comfortable. Holster quivers are popular among archers looking for a compact and lightweight solution to transport their arrows.

Pocket Quivers
Pocket quivers are small and minimalist in design, making them ideal for archers who prefer an unobtrusive and simple method to carry their arrows. These quivers can be worn on the belt or carried in a pocket. Despite their small size, pocket quivers provide enough space for a few arrows and allow for quick access. They are particularly practical for short training sessions or for archers who only need to carry a few arrows.

Bow Quivers
For traditional archers, bow quivers are available, which are attached directly to the bow. Although they add weight to the bow, they offer the advantage of keeping all arrows within immediate reach, eliminating the need for additional storage. Bow quivers are particularly practical for hunters and archers who prefer a compact and integrated solution. They ensure that arrows are securely attached to the bow and readily accessible at all times.

Choosing the right quiver depends on the individual preferences and requirements of the archer. Back quivers offer a classic and stylish way to carry arrows, while hip and holster quivers provide quick access and practical handling. Pocket quivers are ideal for minimalists who want to carry only a few arrows, while bow quivers offer an integrated solution that is particularly suitable for traditional archers and hunters. Regardless of the choice, the quiver should fit well, be comfortable, and meet the archer's needs.

In our blogpost we provide an overview of all the pros and cons.

Why Bearpaw Products?
Bearpaw Products is a globally recognized brand in archery, renowned for its high-quality equipment and commitment to the needs of archers worldwide. Our products are developed with passion and expertise to provide you with the best possible performance and reliability, whether you're just starting archery or have years of experience.

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Getting Started: Quick Start into Archery
In our Owners Manual, we provide detailed instructions on properly stringing your bow, caring for it, and everything else you need to continuously improve your archery skills and get started right away. Our guides are step-by-step and offer valuable tips and techniques for both beginners and advanced archers.

Additionally, we offer beginner sets that allow you to quickly and easily get started in archery. These sets include everything you need to start: six arrows, a Hero bow, a archery glove, an armguard, a quiver, and a stringer. This comprehensive equipment allows beginners to start immediately without worrying about missing gear.

Beginner sets
Furthermore, we offer beginner sets in various sizes and for all age groups, ensuring everyone can find the right set for them. Whether for a child, youth, or adult, our sets are carefully curated to meet individual needs. Our Deluxe beginner sets for children and youth also include the popular Arrow Catcher shooting bag from Bearpaw Products. This portable shooting bag adds even more fun to shooting and offers a great experience for the whole family.

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