Collection: Buy Penthalon Take Down Bows

Collection: Take Down Bows

Discover the variety of Penthalon Take Down bows, renowned worldwide for their quality and performance.

What are Take Down Bows?
Take Down bows are popular for their ability to interchange the riser and limbs. This versatility is advantageous, especially for beginners who can start with lighter limbs. As their strength and skill improve, they can easily upgrade to heavier limbs. At Bearpaw Products, every archer finds a range of risers and matching limbs to suit their needs.

Beginner Series: Take Down Hero
The Hero series is particularly favored among beginners for offering high-quality bows at an affordable price. These bows impress not only with their performance but also with their beautiful wood finish. The Hero Take Down is also available in a Twin version suitable for both right and left-handed archers.

Take Down ILF
For experienced archers, we offer the Shadow Take Down with the ILF system, providing flexibility to mix risers and limbs from various manufacturers.

From our premium line, the Penthalon Chapman is ideal for those seeking a powerful, comfortable, and precise Take Down recurve.

Learn more about our Penthalon bows in this Video. Penthalon Take Down Bows can be shot with a high-performance string - we recommend the Whisper String. For each Take Down bow, you can find the appropriate replacement screws here. To keep your Penthalon Take Down Bow in prime condition, consider purchasing our bow care kit. It includes everything you need for upkeep. For convenient and secure transport of your Penthalon Take Down Bow, we offer a selection of suitable Take Down Bow cases. Looking for the ideal arrows? Penthalon is also globally recognized for top-quality, high-performance arrows and shafts, including carbon arrows, wooden arrows, and custom arrows.