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Discover Penthalon Longbows: Beautiful bows with impressive performance.

What is a longbow?
The longbow is one of the oldest and simplest forms of bows, used for centuries. Its defining feature is its long, straight limbs without the pronounced curve seen in other bow types. Originally developed for combat and hunting, shooting a longbow requires both strength and precision. Traditional longbows were crafted from yew wood, while modern versions incorporate laminated wood strips and other materials to enhance stability and performance. Its straightforward design demands instinctive aiming from the archer, without reliance on technical aids like sights or stabilizers. This makes the longbow both a challenging tool and a connection to the historical tradition of archery.

Penthalon Longbows
Combining traditional construction with smooth draw characteristics, Penthalon longbows offer a unique experience in archery. Each Penthalon longbow blends precision with an appealing design that is both aesthetic and functional. Whether you seek a 66-inch or 68-inch longbow, Penthalon exceeds expectations.You can find a detailed video about our Penthalon Longbow Omaha here. The Penthalon Longbows can be shot with a high-performance string - we recommend the Whisper String.

Explore more about our Penthalon bows in this video.

To keep your Penthalon Longbow in prime condition, consider purchasing our bow care kit. It includes everything you need for upkeep. For convenient and secure transport of your Penthalon longbow, we offer a selection of suitable longbow cases. Looking for the ideal arrows? Penthalon is also globally recognized for top-quality, high-performance arrows and shafts, including carbon arrows, wooden arrows, and custom arrows.