The DOA Foundation was founded by Tim Beier in 2019 and is a project that he holds dearest to his heart. The foundation is designed to help children’s rights and education for students. The name of the DOA Foundation is connected to the people who, as the founder, have the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of “give and take” in life: his mother Dorothea, his grandfather Oskar and his grandmother Annelotte. The DOA Foundation aims to instill in every young person the values that, with the right commitment and non-negotiable steadfastness, one can do anything in life. If the people around us are doing well, we are also doing well. The foundation wants to address the perception for those who have lost faith in themselves. We believe that everyone has the strength and ability to lead a free and self-determined life. The foundation is helping to give children the building blocks of life, piece by piece.

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DOA COLLECTION - High quality products with more than one good cause.

Starting with small steps in 2019, the DOA Foundation will take a large step in 2020 – thanks to BEARPAW PRODUCTS. The BEARPAW Team has joined in cooperation with the start-up company Buckle & Seam from Berlin and has dedicated the products from this cooperation to the DOA Foundation. From the total sales that are earned with the new DOA Collection, 3% will go directly to the DOA Foundation. The Foundation will use these donations for various campaigns to make the world a better place for school children and youths. Thanks to the partnership between BEARPAW and Buckle & Seam, 3% of the purchase value has already made its’ way to the girls’ school in Karachi, Pakistan. Who is behind Buckle & Seam? Find out more about the innovative start-up from Berlin, which has a particularly strong influence on the influence of girls education in Pakistan.

About the Products & Quality

You would never compromise when it comes to your goals? This is precisely why Buckle & Seam never compromises on quality. Buckle & Seam brings the highest quality materials from all over the world, manufactures them in their own production facility, and offers them at a fair price. Their production facility ensures a safe and fair working environment for the team in Pakistan and guarantees the unique quality of their products. In addition to the products being high quality and fairly priced, they make it possible to send young girls to school in Pakistan. Do you want to play a deciding role in making the world a better place? Discover all products from the DOA Collection.


The DOA in action - Our cooperation with druckprofi.

"The secret of happiness is not in possession, but in giving. Those who make others happy become happy." - Andre Gide

Together with our trusted partner druckprofi. we have decided to give something back to children and young people in our region. There are numerous children who go empty-handed, and not just for Christmas. It is exactly these children and young people we wanted to think about for Christmas. The DOA Foundation together with BEARPAW PRODUCTS and druckprofi. distributed small Christmas bags in December 2020. The children and young people were able to enjoy a gym bag, notebooks, crayons and a sticker. By doing this, we wanted to give a little something for their everyday school life. 

A big thank you goes to our partner druckprofi. - who provided great support for this campaign.

We help - Kinderbaum Stadt Coburg 2020

The city of Coburg organized a great campaign for Christmas, where every citizen could make a contribution. From Friday, 11/20 to Monday, 12/7/2020, you could pick up a wish card at the Sparkasse Coburg-Lichtenfels and grant a wish to a child. The children's tree is a special Christmas tree. There were different tags with the wishes of some children on it. Because there are many young people in Coburg, too, who are empty-handed at Christmas because their parents don't have the money for presents or because there is no one to think of them (source: Website of the city of Coburg). 

But how did the DOA Foundation participate in this action? The DOA was on the road together with BEARPAW PRODUCTS on 14.12.2020 in the Christmas bus. We were on tour with our big Christmas bus and delivered all the presents on site to the children in the schools. We are very happy that we were allowed to do the Christmas tour and thank the city of Coburg that we could be a part of this action.


Become a part of our social media campaign and be known! Post on social media and use the hashtag #BEARPAW4DOA. Please send us a message (Facebook or Instagram) and let us know (if your profile is not public). We are happy to re-post your message! Together, we can make even more people aware of our fundraising campaign. We will round up your donation amount by 10%! You are also welcome to donate clothing, toys, etc. to us – we will bring these directly to the people who urgently need them. Even with this type of donation, we will also make a financial donation and “round up”. We want to thank you and look forward to your contributions!

One Bow - One Child // DOA Foundation X BEARPAW

Christopher McCandless once said: "Happiness is only real if you share it." What does that mean for us at BEARPAW? Every time a Bodnik Bow leaves our shipping department, that automatically means: 3% of the sales price goes directly to the DOA Foundation. This is how we make people twice as happy - and the best part is that YOU help our foundation for children!


Tim // Founder DOA Foundation

At almost 28 years old, Tim is a young but extremely ambitious entrepreneur who, with the help of the entire BEARPAW team, is doing everything possible to make a positive impact in the universe. Despite the challenges at the time, Tim took over the company “BEARPAW PRODUCTS” through a management buy-in. This was a significant starting point to work with an entire team who is full of passion and willing to make sacrifices while developing the potential to develop a great organization through amazing projects. In addition to supporting the team members of BEARPAW PRODUCTS, the DOA Foundation is a heart-felt project which he started himself. “Even in my younger years, I learned that it is important to always keep life in balance. When the people around us are doing well, we are doing well.” (Tim Beier) For this reason, the DOA Foundation has a special place in his heart, and, with the help of others, he wants to achieve something great with it.

Your donation // DOA Foundation

Do you want to become a part of the DOA Foundation and support us in charitable activities? In addition to regular donations, we also collect monetary donations which in turn are used for various projects. As soon as we implement or support new projects, the use of all donations will be reported. What is even more important: with every donation that you make, you support the children who need help. The gratitude and joy of these children is priceless! We are appreciative of every donation that we receive!

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