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Collection: For Kids

Archery is a fantastic way for children and teenagers to improve their concentration, patience, and physical fitness. By aiming and shooting at targets, they learn discipline and determination while having fun at the same time.

At Bearpaw Products, we offer a wide selection of products specifically designed for young archers, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. To make it easier for both parents and children or teenagers to get started, we at Bearpaw Products have developed practical starter sets that guarantee an accurate and enjoyable introduction to archery.

Armguards for Children and Teenagers:
Our armguards are specifically designed for children and teenagers, providing optimal protection while shooting. They are comfortable, easily adjustable, and made from high-quality materials to ensure maximum safety.

The Perfect Shooting Glove for Children and Teenagers:
A good shooting glove is essential for archery. Our shooting gloves for children and teenagers are made from durable leather and offer excellent protection and comfort. They provide better control over the bow and protect the fingers from injury.

The Right Bow for Children and Teenagers:
We offer a wide range of bows specifically designed for young archers. Whether it's recurve bows, longbows, or take-down bows – our bows from brands like Penthalon, Bodnik Bows, and Bearpaw are ideal for beginners and advanced shooters. Each bow is carefully crafted to provide a perfect balance between performance and handling.

Many parents opt for a take-down bow because it can grow with the child or teenager by swapping out the limbs. Typically, children and teenagers experience a steep learning curve and need a higher draw weight after a few months. With the take-down bow, only the limbs need to be replaced instead of the entire bow.

Additional Equipment for Children and Teenagers:
In addition to bows, armguards, and shooting gloves, we also offer a variety of other essential archery equipment. This includes high-quality arrows, targets, and quivers.

 Our purpose:

Our goal is to provide young archers with everything they need for successful and safe training.

Discover our extensive range of archery products for children and teenagers at Bearpaw Products now and help your child discover the joy of archery and improve their skills.