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The brand for beginners

The Penthalon brand allows people to get a good start in archery. The product iss not only impress with a very good price-performance ratio, but also with excellent performance. For every single bow from Penthalon, we pay careful attention to the selection of materials and an attractive design and always pursue the goal of bringing unique bows with a high fun factor onto the market.


Our Bows

Our Penthalon bows are perfect for anyone who wants to get a great start in archery. Through successful combinations of aesthetics and performance, Penthalon bows make archery an unforgettable adventure. But the Penthalon brand doesn't just offer the right choice for beginners: experienced athletes are also rewarded in the Premium line.


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With the carbon shafts from the Penthalon brand, design and quality have been combined in the best possible way. The arrow weight, precision and length of these carbon shafts have been designed precisely to the needs of traditional archery. The Penthalon carbon shafts have been tested by archers around the world and found to be excellent.

Free Consultation

Are you looking for your first or next bow? Or are you looking for the perfect arrows for your bow? No problem!Y ou can have a free initial consultation(via online appointment) with our expert team! We will help you find the perfect Set Up.