Penthalon A/C/C Performance Shaft

An arrow shaft for those who mean it serious.

Every arrow needs a good core. With a sophisticated blend of carbon fibers and a stable aluminum core, the Penthalon A/C/C Performance shaft offers just that. This has already caused a stir in the past and is still a real eye-catcher today. The aluminum makes the shaft robust and the carbon makes it light. This combination ensures incomparable precision. The low weight deviation of only ± 0.5 grains (within a dozen) and an ambitious straightness of ± 0.0015 inches make the stock a top product. The Penthalon A/C/C Performance is more than just a shaft. It combines lightness with stability and is therefore often chosen for competitions. Whether you are new to archery or have been at it for a while, this stock will make every shot go further.

"My first impression? I'm amazed! I didn't expect it to be like this!"

Jürgen Matschl | IFAA Field World Champion 2022

Tested & approved by the IFAA Field World Champion

Jürgen Matschl was with us and tested the Penthalon A/C/C Performance shaft. Curious about his conclusion? Watch our YouTube video.

JÜrgen Matschl

First test

"Although the arrows were not yet perfectly tuned during our "Quick and Dirty" test, I was very impressed with the shafts."

Jürgen Matschl

I am excited

"I will definitely build more arrows with the Penthalon A/C/C Performance shaft and do more tests. I am very excited."

The shaft

  • Exciting combination

    The polished carbon surface combines with a 7075 aluminum tube to create an impressive combination. The fusion of high-strength carbon and durable aluminum enables outstanding performance and longevity. Discover the powerful combination of two first-class materials in one product.

  • Suitable accessories

    The equipment includes a pin nock in size S and a practical break-off tip. These accessories allow you to make optimum use of your product and ensure accuracy for your results.