Your beginning in Archery

Glad you are here!

There are numerous reasons why people choose to become archers. In today's world, many people are looking for a break from the stress, rush and busy minds.

Archery is a great way to train mental toughness and develop more focus. It takes us to the most beautiful places in nature and helps us create a distance between the noise of the world and our personal freedom.

At BEARPAW PRODUCTS we believe that there are many ways to live a life of adventure, courage and the discovery of your own potential. Archery is one of the ways, and we're committed to bringing this world to you so you can hit the mark - whether it's archery or in life.

  • Fun

    Archery is one of the most difficult sports in the world. With us you can master this sport within a few minutes. The opportunity to see your progress, the emerging feeling of pride and the sudden feeling of happiness when the arrow flies directly into the target - this is exactly the moment that makes archery so fun.

  • Self discovery

    Achieve inner strength with archery! In a complex and fast-paced world like ours, there are many challenges, but one of the biggest is finding your way. To be successful in this world requires focus, self-reflection, calm, fun, and occasionally the ability to let go. With no other sport can we train this better than with archery.

  • Limitless

    A sport for everyone! We as a humans enjoy experiencing beautiful moments together, be it with family, friends or people we have just met. The sense of community is special. Archery allows different generations to get closer to each other. Archery connects and excludes no one.

Good to know

  • What is instinctive archery?

    Instinctive archery was popularized by G. Fred Asbell, an American bowhunter and instructor. Where people shoot without any technical equipment and only rely on hand-eye coordination. The term has existed for at least 80 years.

  • What is traditional archery?

    Traditional archery uses simple, natural bows and arrows without modern technology like sights or stabilizers. Archers rely on instinct and experience to hit their targets.

  • What do I need to get started?

    To get started with archery, you need a certain set up of products. This includes: bow, arrows, armguard, quiver and archery gloves. If you want to shoot at home, you still need a target.

  • Bows

    The draw weight of the bow is like horsepower in the car. Higher number means stronger bow. Beginners should start with low draw weight. "RH" or "LH" refers to draw hand. Right hand: Hold the bow on the left, pull the string with the right hand. Left hand: Vice versa.

  • Arrows

    Carbon arrows are ideal for beginners. They are light and durable. The length of the arrow depends on your draw length. At low draw weight the spine value should be high, while at high draw weight a low spine value is necessary.

  • Equipment

    The protective equipment is essential in archery. The armguard protects your arm from the string, the shooting glove is used to pull the string and the quiver is used for arrow storage.

Question Mark in your Head?

Are you overwhelmed by the technical terms such as "draw length" or "spine" ? Don't panic! You will always find the descriptions of our products. In addition, you can find out more about typical technical archery terms in our lexicon.

The right product

Basically, you have two options to get your first archery set up. You would rather play it safe and get a personal consultation? No problem! With our expert team you can do a free consultation (via phone)! We will help you find the perfect set up. If it has to go faster: Buy one of our beginner sets! It contains everything you need to get started.

  • Tips & tricks for beginners

    Are you looking for more information about archery? Check out our blog for useful tips.

  • Where can I do archery?

    Where can you go archery by yourself or with your loved ones? We'll tell you: Discover BEARPAW COUNTRY!

  • Typical archery terms

    You want to educate yourself and understand more about archery? We explain the typical terms in our lexicon.