The Magic of Archery for Kids

Archery is not only an exciting sport, but also a valuable experience for kids. It is a way to improve their physical and mental development in a fun and challenging way.

Archery not only teaches kids discipline and concentration, but also patience and endurance. Each shot requires a steady hand and the ability to keep focus on the target. These qualities are important not only in archery, but also in everyday life.

Through training in archery, children develop increased self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Each hit becomes a milestone that boost their confidence in their own abilities. At the same time, they also learn how to deal with setbacks and learn from them, which will benefit them later in the future.

Archery also offers kids the opportunity to be in nature and sharpen their senses. The calm and serenity of the environment encourage their connection with nature and increases their awareness of their surroundings.

With a wide range of kid-friendly products, archery is accessible and safe for all ages. Parents can experience their kids's joy in archery from up close and share moments of excitement together.

Everything from one source

Do you want a complete package to start with? We also have that on offer for you. To give our young generation an uncomplicated and fun start in archery, we have put together our beginner sets. The sets contain everything that kids and youth people need to get started. The beginner set is also perfect for the next birthday or Christmas gift! Your extra advantage: Buy this beginner set and save 30% compared to the individual purchase.

Set your own products with care

You want to take your time and set our own set up for your child? No problem. We give you our product recommendations right at your fingertips and you can find out what suits you and your kids best.

The Right Arrows

Both wooden and carbon arrows have their advantages and are excellent options for kids and youth people in archery. With their lightness, durability and precision, they offer everything young archers need to develop their skills and ignite their passion for the sport. No matter which type of arrow you choose, the most important thing is that the young archers enjoy archery and can train safely under expert guidance.

In the end, the choice of arrow is also a matter of preference. Wooden arrows are very traditional due to the natural material. While, Carbon arrows have a very durable.

The Right Bows

Especially for our kids and youth people, it is important that they have fun and success in archery. For this, it is absolutely necessary that kids and youth's bows are beautiful and powerful. The Hero is a perfect combination of aesthetics and performance.

The Right Equipment

The armguard for kids and youth are designed for maximum protection and ease of use. The quivers also allow the kids to store their arrows with a lot of fun and simplicity. There are no separate archery gloves in the kids collection. The reason for this is that many kids have to get a feel for the string and shooting at the beginning (without an archery glove). Since kids' bows usually have weak draw weights, this must also be carried out without concerns. As soon as the kids reach a youth age, we recommend archery gloves with a soft leather.

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