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100523 Penthalon Performance A/C/C aluminium-carbon nock

100523 Penthalon Performance A/C/C aluminium-carbon nock

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Product description

Penthalon A/C/C Performance - An arrow shaft for those who take it seriously.

This nock fits our Penthalon A/C/C Performance shaft.

Every arrow needs a solid core. With a well-thought-out blend of carbon fibers and a stable aluminum core, the Penthalon A/C/C Performance delivers just that. It's been a head-turner in the past and remains a true eye-catcher today. The aluminum provides the shaft with robustness, and the carbon lends it lightness. This combination ensures incomparable precision. The minimal weight deviations of only ± 0.5 grains (within a dozen) and an ambitious straightness of ± 0.0015 inches make the shaft a top product. The Penthalon A/C/C Performance is more than just a shaft. It combines lightness with stability and is therefore often chosen for competitions. Whether you're new to archery or have been in the sport for a while, this shaft takes every shot further.

Product information at a glance:
  • Combination of high-strength carbon and a 7075 aluminum core
  • Straightness: ±. 0015"
  • The weight tolerance within a dozen amounts to ± 0.5 gn
  • Spines: 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900 & 1000
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