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80088 Bearpaw Fletching Jig Deluxe

80088 Bearpaw Fletching Jig Deluxe

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Product description

Basic unit with fletching brackets

The Bearpaw Fletching Tool Deluxe is considered the most accurate in the world of archery. The developers of BEARPAW PRODUCTS were able to combine the experience of Henry Bodnik and the needs of archers.
Many individual adjustment options ensure the best and most accurate fletching of your arrows. The basic construction of this functional unit is made of a heavy metal, in order to guarantee both quality and durability. Together with the included base plate, you can easily expand your fletching tool in steps of 3 to a multiple fletching system. You can easily fletch your arrows straight, right-wound or left-wound with our fletching tool.

Productfeatures at a glance:
  • can switch easily from 3- to 4- or 6-fold fletching
  • precision holder for thinner and thicker arrow shafts
  • centering of the nock
  • individual fine tuning for perfect fit of the fletch or feather
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