Starting with a 17" handle in 2014, the variance and technology of our worldwide appreciated Take Down MOHAWK has been continously developed further. Based on this successful system, we designed the 13" MOHAWK Hunter, which came with the same grip geometry (shelf elevation and center cut). Thus we created a short aggressive hunting bow, 56" and 58" recurve and 58" hybrid. We kept continuing our proven mounting pin and limb bolt system from previous generations. The challenge was to adjust the limbs angle in such a way that there is no difference in draw weight and tiller to the 17" handle. This was the first step towards the BLS: Everything must be perfectly combinable. We now offer more than 54 handles within this system, including the long awaited Big Bear.


Set up your very own bow: Choose one of more than 54 handcrafted handles (13"/17"/19") and different limbs that best Suit your needs: recurve short or long, or hybrid. No matter which MOHAWK handle is combined with any of our BLS limbs – the draw weight and the tiller always remain unchanged.



Recurve limbs have a long standing tradition and are very popular in traditional archery and bow hunting. The tremendous power and dynamics of this limb design is undeniable and is the preferred choice of countless archers. You can choose from:

  • Recurve short
  • Recurve long
  • Draw Weights: 20 - 55 lbs
  • Limb Materials: bamboo, stabil core with olive veneer or black glass and Bearpaw Power Glass crystal clear



They provide an unmatched balance of smooth drawing, with fast powerful and flat arrow trajectories, and pinpoint accuracy. The skilled bowyers at BEARPAW PRODUCTS put a lot of time and energy into the development of these limbs to create a very special bow - a living legend. You can choose from:

  • Draw Weights: 20 - 55 lbs
  • Limb Materials: bamboo, stabil core with olive veneer or black glass



  • What are the BLS products from BEARPAW?
    The "BLS" from BEARPAW means: BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM (formerly: Mohawk). Behind this is a closed take down system, which allows you as a customer a high quality and variability. You can choose between many different handles and limbs and combine them. You can choose between 13, 17 and 19 inch handles. Our selection of limbs offers you: Recurve short or long and hybrid.


  • Can I combine old Mohawk products with the new BLS?
    Yes! You can combine old handles (Mohawk) with the new BEARPAW Limbs. Furthermore, old limbs can be combined with the new BLS handles - see exception below.


  • Are there any exceptions when combining old Mohawks & the BLS?
    Yes, the first Big Bear version is not compatible with today's BLS products. Furthermore, all ILF products from other brands are also not compatible. The BLS is a closed system.


Detailed information about BLS and all products can be found here in our brochure.