The most popular bow in the world.

You are interested in a Bodnik Bow? You are not alone! The Bodnik Bows are known and loved around the globe. For years, the brand has convinced with unique quality, performance and 30-year warranty. Behind every bow is 100% handmade and years of expertise.

Find out here what is in the bows.

What do Bodnik Bows stand for?


Smooth shooting, flat trajectory and soft draw are important basic elements of performance. Bodnik Bows fascinate from the first shot. All models are powerful and comfortable.


Quality and durability are legendary features of Bodnik Bows, along with their performance. Every bow is handmade. All bowyers put all their expertise and passion into building the bow. This makes each Bodnik Bow absolutely high quality and unique.


Every Bodnik Bow has a 30 year warranty. We are 100% convinced of the quality and performance of the bows. For this reason, the "lifetime" of the Bodnik Bows has been redefined and the associated warranty adapted to the high demands. Here you can find all information about the warranty.


You have chosen a Bodnik Bow and found the perfect model? Congratulations for choosing a great product! Every Bodnik Bow is made to order for you. There are two important components that play a big role in production:

Handmade & Demand

The demand for Bodnik Bows has been overwhelming worldwide for years. Nearly every archer or beginner shows interest in the brand. The combination of handwork and the demand leads to a certain workload. Accordingly, production is currently fully booked for about 10-12 months*. This time automatically corresponds to the waiting time if you order a Bodnik Bow today.

Excitement is the best joy and it will be a special day when you finally hold your Bodnik Bow in your hands.

*Status: June 2023

Exclusive collaboration

In December 2022, a milestone will be set by BEARPAW PRODUCTS and Bodnik Bows: The signing of a contract concludes the exclusivity. BEARPAW PRODUCTS is thus the exclusive distributor of Bodnik Bows worldwide.

"The exclusivity of Bodnik Bows for BEARPAW PRODUCTS is the logical step to connect past and future. I am sure that we have laid the foundation for a long lasting success story here in the present." (Henry Bodnik | Bodnik Bows)

"I never had any doubt that our shared past is the cornerstone of an even brighter future for archery. It was clear to us at BEARPAW PRODUCTS that we could achieve even more synergy for this wonderful sport by aligning and tightening our competencies, decision-making guidelines and strategies" (Tim Beier | BEARPAW PRODUCTS)

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