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Archery in nature is much more than just a sport activity - it is an incomparable adventure that takes us into a world far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

High-quality leather equipment is essential for your time in nature. Not only does it offer protection and durability, but it adds quality to your adventure.

The bushcraft set from BEARPAW PRODUCTS is your perfect companion with bow and arrow.


Archery Gloves

The archery glove is made of high-quality deer leather, which is extremely flexible. Although deerskin is soft, it is still resistant and durable. It can handle heavy use and maintain its quality over time.



It is made of first-class, smooth leather, more precisely from cow, and shows the so-called Crazy Horse effect. The leather is first dyed light. Then, a dark wax layer is applied, which gives the product its final color. The bright color comes out through use. Your arm protection becomes proof of your adventures.



The quiver is also made of first-class cowhide. Thanks to the Crazy Horse effect, your quiver will also be a real eye-catcher and will be marked by your adventures.

Bushcraft Set

Explore the wilderness in style and quality. Get the bushcraft set today and start your adventure.

That's what other adventurers say

  • Dennis

    The archery glove is thick enough to draw my 55 lbs bow without causing my fingers to start hurting, yet still thin enough to allow for a good feel. The quiver is pleasantly sturdy and sits securely. Its simple design makes it easy to pack in a backpack, making it suitable for longer trips. The arm guard is a great asset for beginners. However, especially during this cold season, it's also interesting for more advanced archers: thanks to its elastic lacing, it can be fastened over winter jackets, preventing sleeves from getting caught during the shot. The inevitable patina forming on the leather surface will narrate your adventures to anyone who sees you fully geared up.

  • Martin

    The Bushcraft Set is very well-crafted! Its outer surface is smooth and dark brown, developing a beautiful patina with use. The quiver provides ample space for many arrows. The armguard is very robust, offering perfect protection. The archery glove! ... Ahhh ... the archery glove... I've had it for over a year now, and it still works perfectly. I think I've shot over 3000 arrows with it.


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