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We are very proud of our partners and would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you in more detail here. Each of them is unique - just like archery itself. Join us on a journey through the favorites of our partners and let yourself be carried away by their inspiring stories.

Lisa's Favorite Products

I am a huge fan of BEARPAW PRODUCTS and I have used many products over many years. Here are some of my absolute favorite products that have accompanied me along my archery journey.

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Dennis's Favorite Products

Dennis Ahrenhold, a 28-year-old forester from the Harz region who is passionate about both archery and hunting. Find out more about his excitement for our products.

Michaela's Favorite Products

Michaela loves to just grab the bow and go outside. This is her way of finding a balance to everyday life.

Linda's Favorite Products

"Despite the rewarding nature of my profession, I always felt like there was something missing in my life, a connection to nature that I longed for. That's when my journey into archery began, approximately four years ago. "

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