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100513 IBB 3D Target big Polarbear

100513 IBB 3D Target big Polarbear

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Product description

IBB 3D Target big Polarbear walking

A lifelike appearance, especially with 3D animals, is very important to us, Archery Beier. This is also the case with the IBB 3D animal polar bear. We always try to make our 3D animals look as authentic as possible. Furthermore, the 3D animal foam is very important to us. Our foam meets all the requirements that are important to archers, course operators and clubs, such as:

  • Draw light arrow
  • Extreme longevity
  • Self-healing foam
  • Little weight
  • UV resistance
  • stability

Archery Beier self-healing foam

Our 3D animal foam is very light with high durability and high density of the individual foam cells. This is just an advantage when 3D animals need to be moved.
The archery Beier 3D animal foam has a high braking effect on the arrows. It doesn't matter whether the shaft material is carbon, wood or aluminium. All of these arrows penetrate less deeply into the IBB 3D animal than with other manufacturers. This is also good for pulling arrows and can be easily pulled out of the 3D animal from IBB.

Watch the foam heal itself. Once you've drawn the arrow, the hole will begin to close again. Depending on the temperature, this only takes a few seconds. However, if arrows are stuck in the 3D animal for hours or days, the process of self-healing can take a little longer.
How does the weather affect the 3D animals?

The IBB 3D animals from Bogensport Beier are absolutely weatherproof. The through-colored 3D animal foam resists exposure to sunlight and UV light for a very long time. Extreme weather conditions do not affect durability, stopping power, ease of drawing arrows, and the self-healing process.

Why is the IBB 3D Tier one piece?

Who does not know that, you come to a launching post and the multi-part 3D animal has slipped. And it also looks like the backbone of the 3D animal has been broken. Therefore we try to make the 3D animals in one piece to avoid this. Even if the shipping to you costs a little more, freight forwarding. But on the lifespan of these 3D animals, that's a cost that goes down.
What would your 3D animal 3D animals  weigh in reality?

What do you mean? An adult polar bear weighs on average 250/450 kg [female/male]. Our example of the Polar bär corresponds to the average.

Technical data of the IBB 3D animal large ice bear:

  • Length: 152cm
  • Height: 77 cm
  • Thickness: 43cm
  • Weight: 26kg
  • IFAA Group: I

Made in Germany

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