...the result of a deep understanding of the needs and desires of archers worldwide.

A little over 5 years ago, BEARPAW closed its doors in bow manufacturing and handed over the production of the world-renowned Bodnik Bows to a trusted and close partner, who stood by our side then and continues to do so today.

Faced with the challenging demand situation, the BEARPAW team made a decisive decision in late summer 2023 to take a significant step forward.

We have decided to bring bow manufacturing back into our own hands.

Our Goal

Our new bow brand embodies a vision that every archer deserves – a blend of outstanding quality, appealing design, and reliable delivery times. This forward-thinking decision represents a significant expansion of our offerings and sends a clear message to our valued customers worldwide in the archery community.

The BEARPAW BOWS represent not just a product, but a commitment to our customers.

Tradition meets expertise

  • Christoph Unger

    Behind this brand lies not just a name, but also the years of experience and expertise of our renowned bowyer, Christoph Unger. BEARPAW BOWS combines tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation.

  • Tim Beier

    As the mastermind behind BEARPAW PRODUCTS, BEARPAW BOWS also bear the signature of Tim Beier. With his dedication to design, woods, and materials, as well as his intuitive understanding of the market, Tim brings together crucial elements of this brand.



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