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30039 Bodnik Bows Custom Redman

30039 Bodnik Bows Custom Redman


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Product description

The perfect bow for you - design, functionality & aesthetics in your desired combination.

The Bodnik Bows Redman in its ultimate design. The Custom version of our Redman leaves nothing to be desired. We can respond to many individual wishes and build the personal Custom Redman from different beautiful precious woods. From the reddish Nicaragua Cocobolo, to the yew, to the dark and highly textured Bocote wood, we have many different precious woods available. In the Custom version, the Redman delivers ultimate performance. Shot after shot with incredible arrow speed. For this, the Redman is known throughout the world of traditional archery and bowhunting and has already won awards in America.

We have just as many different precious wood veneers available for our high performance limbs. The limbs of our Custom Redman are built in the Super Speed version. The limbs are composed of at least 8 different laminate layers. In addition to the Bodnik Bows Super Flex Bamboo laminates, we also use a layer of Carbon and Stabil Core in the individual limbs to realize performance and precision at the highest level. In a personal consultation with BEARPAW PRODUCTS after your online purchase, we will determine the basics of your Custom Redman together with you. After completing your order you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Within 3 business days, the BEARPAW team will contact you & make an appointment with you for consultation.

Product information at a glance:
  • Bow type: One-piece hunting recurve
  • Bow length AMO: 62 and 64 inch
  • Recommended draw length 62 inch: 27-32"
  • Recommended draw length 64 inch: 32-34"
  • Draw weights: 20-75 lbs, 80-100 lbs with 100 Euro surcharge
  • Limbs: Super Speed limbs with different veneers
  • String: BEARPAW Whisper String
  • String length 62 inch Redman: 59"
  • String length 64 inch Reman: 61"
  • Quality: Handmade Bodnik Bows
  • Warranty: 30-year Bodnik Bows warranty
Want to know more about Bodnik Bows manufacturing? Take a look here!

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  • 30 years warranty
  • Bodnik Bows can be stored while strung.
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Bodnik Bows


Smooth shooting, flat trajectory and soft draw are important basic elements of performance. Bodnik Bows fascinate from the first shot. All models are powerful and comfortable.

Bodnik Bows


Quality and durability are legendary features of Bodnik Bows, along with their performance. Every bow is handmade. All bowyers put all their expertise and passion into building the bow. This makes each Bodnik Bow absolutely high quality and unique.

Bodnik Bows


Every Bodnik Bow has a 30 year warranty. We are 100% convinced of the quality and performance of the bows. For this reason, the "lifetime" of the Bodnik Bows has been redefined and the associated warranty adapted to the high demands.


Exclusive collaboration

In December 2022, a milestone will be set by BEARPAW PRODUCTS and Bodnik Bows: The signing of a contract concludes the exclusivity. BEARPAW PRODUCTS is thus the exclusive distributor of Bodnik Bows worldwide.


Bodnik Bows

How long will I wait for my Bodnik Bow?

The demand for Bodnik Bows has been overwhelming worldwide for years. Nearly every archer or beginner shows interest in the brand. The combination of handmade and the demand leads to a certain workload. Accordingly, production is currently fully booked for about 10-12 months. This time automatically corresponds to the waiting time if you order a Bodnik Bow today.

How long do I have warranty?

Every Bodnik Bow has a 30 year warranty. We are 100% convinced of the quality and performance of the bows. For this reason, the "lifetime" of the Bodnik Bows has been redefined and the associated warranty adapted to the high demands.

Can I customize my Bodnik Bow?

Since 2023 we offer again Custom Bodnik Bows. Go to our categories under Products > Bodnik Bows > Custom Bows and choose your desired model. We are happy to advise you, if you need help!

How should I store my Bodnik Bow?

You don't have to unstring your Bodnik Bow when you put it aside. The quality of the bows is so good that they also tolerate the stringed state.

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