I want to do archery - what is allowed?

Ich möchte Bogenschießen - Was ist erlaubt?

I would like to do archery - What is allowed in Germany?

Archery is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. For many of us it is not only a fascinating hobby, but also a way to exercise and relax in nature. Our beginners and newbies often ask us if and especially where archery is allowed in Germany - So what is legally allowed? In this blogpost we answer some of the most important legal questions about archery in Germany.

1. Where is archery allowed in Germany?

In Germany, archery is basically allowed, but it is subject to certain restrictions. On the safe side, you are always in shooting ranges that are set up specifically for archery, or on archery courses. Both are usually designed for the safety of the shooters and possibly the protection of the environment. Shooting in the great outdoors, on the other hand, is often only allowed on designated courses and is subject to state laws and local ordinances. Be sure to check the regulations in your area and check with the appropriate authorities.

2. Can I do archery in my garden?

Archery in your own backyard is usually allowed, as long as you make sure that the arrows do not leave the property and do not pose a danger to people or objects. In a densely built-up residential area, we recommend that you inform your neighbors about your new hobby in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Furthermore, you can protect yourself with a backstop net.

3. Do I need a gun license for archery?

No, you do not need a gun license for archery. Bows and arrows are not considered weapons in the sense of the weapons law in Germany. We recommend to transport and store your equipment safely to prevent accidents and misuse.

4. Am I allowed to hunt with bow and arrow in Germany?

Hunting game with bow and arrow is generally prohibited in Germany. Hunting with bow and arrow is subject to strict regulations and is only possible under certain circumstances and with appropriate permits. As a rule, a special hunter's examination and an additional bow hunting examination are required for this.

5. Where is archery prohibited in Germany?

Archery is prohibited in certain places in Germany, including:

  • In nature reserves and protected areas to protect the environment.
  • In the immediate vicinity of public roads and buildings to ensure safety.
  • On private property without the owner's permission.
  • In residential areas with specific prohibitions or restrictions. It is important to note that exact regulations may vary from state to state.

5. From what age am I allowed to buy bow and arrow in Germany?

In Germany, young people are allowed to buy bows and arrows from the age of 14. This is in accordance with the provisions of the Weapons Act. However, there are some important aspects to consider. When purchasing bows and arrows, it is common for the seller to ask for proof of age. This means that you may need to show your ID card or other official proof of identity. If you are under 18 years of age, you usually need your parent or guardian's consent to purchase bows and arrows. This is considered an additional safety measure to ensure that youth use bows and arrows responsibly. When youth use bows and arrows, it is advisable that they receive proper instruction and training, ideally from experienced archers or at a club. Adult supervision is also recommended to ensure safety.


Overall, archery is a popular sport in Germany that can be practiced safely and responsibly if you follow the current laws and regulations. Always inform yourself about the current regulations in your region and pay attention to your environment and the safety of other people.

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