Summerdays with archery

Sommertage mit Bogensport

Are you ready to start the summer?

The BEARPAW Family wants to celebrate the official start of summer with you! It's a great time of year to plan lots of outdoor activities and what's at the top of the list? Archery! To make sure you have the best equipment for the hot summer days, we would like to introduce you to our summer products from the Special Collection.

What equipment is suitable for summer?

On hot days you need products that support you in your sport. For this reason, you will find the "Season" products in our Special Collection. Here we have created products for you that are prepared for hot summer days.

  • Archery Glove Summer: The archery glove Summer supports you with a light mesh fabric while practicing your sport. Air permeable, breathable and comfortable on the skin. The archery glove Summer was refined with Cordura tips. Cordura is a very robust and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric. The slightly roughened surface gives a pleasant feel. It has a quick-drying and water-repellent finish, so moisture rolls off. Both materials provide a pleasant wearing comfort. Another advantage: After your training you can clean the gloves without hesitation in the hand wash.


  • Archery Glove Dynamic: The archery glove Dynamic provides you with a pleasant wearing comfort and a sporty look. By the processing of simple textile materials you have a glove, which is robust, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant. It is made of polyester and with Cordura on the tips. Due to the uncomplicated nature and small pores of polyester, the fabric is very easy to clean (repels dirt or water). Cordura is a very robust and abrasion resistant nylon fabric. The slightly roughened surface gives a pleasant feel. It is quick drying and water repellent, so that moisture rolls off. Another advantage: After your workout you can hand wash the gloves without hesitation.


  • Armguard Dynamic: Our armguard Dynamic consists of a compression GSM Spandex, so the armguard Dynamic fits perfectly to your forearm. To protect the bow arm from the bowstring, we have applied a rubber pad to the compressions GSM Spandex. This guarantees that your forearm is protected. The armguard is easy and quick to put on.


What is special about the Special Collection?

Our partner in Karachi attaches great importance to consistent quality and good working conditions for the employees. The employees in production have working hours of 8 hours and have the possibility to take enough breaks. Furthermore, our partner takes care of insurances for the employees and their families, all of them receive a secured income through employment. The salary of the local employees is three times of what is average for this region. Our partner is also "B Corp" and "BSCI" certified! In order to bring sustainable, high quality and well-designed products to the market, we use only "REACH compliant" materials.


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