This is how Archery with portable targets is the most fun.

So wird das Schießen unterwegs zu einem vollen Erfolg!

Portable targets help you pursue your passion almost anywhere!

One of the first questions that came to mind when you started archery is surely, "What am I shooting at?" The first thing that comes to mind is the classic targets. Because you know these not only from the television of the Olympic archery, but you can also find them on almost every shooting range and in every archery club. But there are now also some alternatives.

Since the early days of archery, only two-dimensional targets in the form of a target with a stand have been used, but for some time now three-dimensional targets have been added to the range. Particularly popular in traditional archery are 3D animals. They are an exciting development for archery. Unlike traditional targets, which are flat and two-dimensional, 3D animals and objects in particular offer a more realistic experience by providing a three-dimensional representation of a wild animal or other target structure.

3D objects like Longlife's Cube also come with a handle so you can quickly carry them around. But smaller 3D animals with a sturdy stand are also perfect for mobile use. Also, we at BEARPAW just released the Dura Arrowcatcher a while ago. The Arrowcatcher is a mobile arrow catcher cushion that can be fitted with different covers, also has a handle and can therefore be incorporated into your mobile training as you wish.

Safety first!

Important! If you plan to shoot a bow outside of a specific range, you should pay attention to a few things before you start. Although it can be said in principle that the bow is a piece of sports equipment and is therefore not subject to any restrictions, the bow can also become a dangerous instrument for uninvolved persons. Therefore, there are some things you should consider when choosing your location for your training, so that you do not endanger anyone in any case!

Ideally, you pursue your passion on a 3D course or a suitable training range. Under no circumstances should you shoot in busy places in public, such as parks or even a garden in the neighborhood. If you still want to let fly a few arrows, please make sure in any case that no one is in the vicinity. Of course, large meadows, fields or forests are best suited for this. However, please also make sure that you do not violate private property. In addition, behind your target should be in any case one to two hundred meters distance before the next road, or way crosses. Shoot only when it is 100% certain that no one is endangered.

To make shooting on the road even more fun, here are a few tips:

1. Place your target so that arrows flying by land in a natural arrow catch. This can be in front of a small elevation, a small hill or in a ferrow. Under no circumstances should you place your target in front of living plants or trees.

2. The Cube from Longlife has a practical carrying handle. You can easily throw the Cube into the field without having to position it. You can also hang it on the handle. Attention: Here again pay attention to the arrow catch.

3. Use colorful arrows especially when training in the open. These help you to find a missed arrow faster. Also practical: luminous nocks.

4. Especially when shooting at unattached targets, it is important to have both hands free when pulling arrows. That means one hand on the target and one hand on the arrow. This will prevent damage to your shafts.

5. Always shoot from only one direction on a target, because a ricochet on one of your shafts could also damage it.

Have fun shooting in the great outdoors!

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