Arrow Analyzer - the original

With the Arrow Analyzer, we are making history and revolutionizing spin technology.

BEARPAW PRODUCTS has reinvented the spinning of arrows and arrow shafts. At the world's largest archery trade fair, our Arrow Analyzer was the biggest innovation in years. Until now, it was difficult to verify manufacturers' spine specifications. Spine devices were expensive and unwieldy. A gifted developer from Germany found the solution and implemented it together with BEARPAW PRODUCTS. Important data and information can now be determined simply, clearly and usably by means of the Arrow Analyzer.

A device that can do everything! Simple, functional and digital.

  • Operation Manual

    To ensure that you have a smooth start with your new arrow analyzer, our operating instruction is available to you at any time.

  • Software

    In order to transfer the data to your PC or laptop, you have to download the software. Click on the link, then "Download".

  • Quick Start

    In our Quick Start document you will find all the necessary steps at a glance to get started with the arrow analyzer.

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The software makes this possible

  • Show measured data on PC.
  • Record readings (manual/automatic).
  • Switch format and grade of detail for view and export (csv).
  • Color indicator for results based on target settings (spine and weight).
  • Get informed of available software updates (internet connection needed).
  • Get informed of available firmware updates for the device and update it (internet connection needed).

What the Arrow Analyzer can do

  • Spin according to ATA standard and Easton standard by means of one device (wood & carbon)
  • Precise determination of the arrow or arrow shaft weight
  • Precise determination of the tip weight
  • Determination of straightness under load
  • Precise and duplicable determination of the spin value at the touch of a finger
  • Digital documentation of measured values in the Arrow Analyzer software
  • Export of data via interface to PC (Excel, Open Office)
  • Local usability of the Arrow Analyzer using an external power source

German patent | Made in Germany



What operating system does the software work on?

The arrow analyzer software currently works for Windows users. We are working on the software available for MacOS as well.

Is there an app?

There is currently no app. We are still working on implementing the program on iOS and Android.

Questions? We will help you.

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