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30321 Bearpaw Limb Hybrid by Bodnik Bows

30321 Bearpaw Limb Hybrid by Bodnik Bows


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  • Lifetime warranty (30 years)

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Product description

Our BLS limbs are crafted from powerful bamboo laminations under our Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass. Our bowyers insist on the absolute best in materials so they're able to bring you limbs that guarantee unmatched performance, stability, and accuracy. Every day our limbs are proving the outstanding work of our skilled bowyers shot by shot all around the world. The excellent work of our bowyers when they're crafting each and every individual limb makes a big difference! You can feel it in every shot!

All of our BLS recurve and hybrid limbs are interchangeable with all BLS-risers - without changing the draw weights! With this in mind, you can mix and match BEARPAW Limb System risers and limbs to create any combination you desire. Now you can build your own personal take down bow. Of course our BLS can be shot with any high-performance bowstring, but for the ultimate in performance and speed, we recommend our Bearpaw Whisper Strings. Shoot hard, fast, and "whisper quiet" with Bearpaw Whisper Strings.

They provide an unmatched balance of smooth drawing, with fast powerful and flat arrow trajectiries, and pinpoint accuracy. The skilled bowyers at Bearpaw Products put a lot of time and energy into the development of these hybrid limbs to create a very special bow - the bow of bows.

  • Draw Weights: 20 - 60 lbs
  • Limb Materials: bamboo, stabil core with olive veneer or black glass and Bearpaw Power Glass Crystal Clear
  • Weight:
    - Hybrid, black: 5709 grain
    - Hybrid, olive: 5818 grain
  • Limbs edition: layer stabil core
  • Tips: Multi-Layered Mycarta
  • Bow Length 13 inch Mohawk Hunter riser: 58 inches
  • Bow Length 17 inch Mohawk riser: 62 inches
  • String: Whisper String (or any other high-performance string)
  • Guarantee: 30 years Bodnik Bows Guarantee*

*Every single limb of the BLS is built by hand in the Bodnik Bows production. The famous 30-year Bodnik Bows guarantee proves that Bodnik Bows stand for the quality of every single one of their handcrafted limbs with their commitment. The quality and performance of the Bodnik Bows has been 100% convincing for years. For this reason, Bodnik Bows offers a 30-year guarantee.


  • Bodnik Bows grants a 30-year guarantee against breaks, cracks, and delamination for all Bodnik Bows limbs.
  • Signs of wear, damage due to grossly negligent or willful behavior or twisted limbs are excluded from the guarantee
  • The guarantee is provided by replacing or repairing the limbs. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply regardless of it

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The BLS allows you to be permanently flexible. If you want to increase or change, you don't have to buy a new bow. You can simply exchange the individual parts.



Another advantage is that you can assemble the BLS bow individually. You can choose between 52 different risers (materials and colors) and matching limbs. Each bow can be drawn out as smooth as butter.



Do you travel a lot? Another advantage: You can assemble your BLS bow at any time and store it in a bag. Even on a long trip in the car, it takes up less space.



What is BLS?


What's behind the BLS?

It is a closed take down system, allowing you as a customer high quality and variability.

Can I combine old Mohawk products with the new BLS?

Yes! You can combine old risers with the new BEARPAW Limbs. In addition, old limbs can be also combined with the new BLS risers - see exception below.

Are there any exceptions in combining old Mohawks & the BLS?

Yes! The first Big Bear version is not compatible with current BLS products. In addition, all ILF products from other brands are also not compatible, since the BLS is a closed system.

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