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Bearpaw Custom Cedar Wooden Arrows 44453 Deluxe 11/32

Bearpaw Custom Cedar Wooden Arrows 44453 Deluxe 11/32


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Price per item

1. Select spine

2. Select shaft length

3. Select arrow head

4. Select cam colour

Color Traditional Nock 11/32

5. Select feather form & length

Feather form & length

6. Select feather colours

7. Select arrow cresting

  • Build for you within 14 working days

Product description

These premium Bearpaw Deluxe Custom Arrows are hand made one at a time in our arrow manufacturing facility by skilled arrow makers with the greatest attention to detail. The heart and soul of these top of the line arrows are our high-quality select Premium cedar shafts wood shafts.

Bearpaw Deluxe custom arrows offer you many more options to choose from. You control your arrow build by selecting the spine values, feather length, feather colors, nock colors, and special arrow cresting wraps according to your taste. In addition, in the sub-menu, you can choose from an assortment of points to ensure you end up with consistent flying arrows and pinpoint accuracy.

For the best possible performance, each batch of these arrows are spine matched to within 5 lbs.

  • Diameter: 5/16 and 11/32 Premium cedar shafts
  • Spine Weights 5/16 : -30 - 40+ lbs
  • Spine Weights 11/32 : 40 - 65 lbs
  • Points: Your Choice of Bearpaw Points
  • Feather Length: 3”, 4” or 5”
  • Feather Shape: Shield or Parabolic
  • Feather Pattern: Solid “monochrome”, Barred or Zebra patterns
  • Nocks: Bearpaw Traditional Nocks
  • Cresting: Bearpaw Cresting Wraps
  • Production time: Approximately 2 weeks
Our online product configurator is available in the sub-menu. It will guide you through the selection of your individual arrow components allowing you to customize your arrows just the way you want them.

Need help choosing the correct spine for your wood shafting? We are happy to assist you! To access Henry Bodnik's compehensive spine chart for wood shafting please click on the button below.

Spine chart for wooden shafts

Picture may differ from original product.

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Would you like to return one or more items from your order? The return policy at BEARPAW PRODUCTS is 14 days. The 14-day return policy does not apply to personalized (custom) products. We cover the cost of return shipping for you. You can submit your return or complaint here.

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Custom Arrows


We use Penthalon shafts for our carbon custom arrows. Our high-quality premium cedar or spruce wood shafts serve as the basis for our wooden custom arrows. Both arrows are fletched with our beautiful natural feathers. The other components, such as nocks or tips, are also used by our own brand. We can rely on a unique quality here.

Custom Arrows


To build your own arrows with care and accuracy, we usually need 14 days (excl. shipping). After your arrows have passed our quality control, they will be shipped to you immediately.


Custom Arrows

Which custom arrows are there?

Basically you can choose between wooden and carbon arrows. In both cases you can choose the components according to your needs.

What is the difference between "Standard" and "Deluxe" custom arrows?

With our "Standard" custom arrows you have the choice between 4 inch Shield single-colored feathers. With our "Deluxe" custom arrows, this selection is extended: You can choose single-colored, barred, zebra or natural stripes. You also have the option to choose the feather shape and add a wrap to your arrow.

How long do I have to wait for my custom arrows?

In order to be able to build your own arrows with a lot of care and accuracy, we usually need 14 days (excl. shipping).

Can i exchange my custom arrows?

Please note that the personalized arrows cannot be exchanged as they are designed to you and your design.

Questions? Just leave us a message!