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70504 Laptop Sleeve Dorothea

70504 Laptop Sleeve Dorothea

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Product description

But what is the story behind this product?
DOA COLLECTION - High quality products with more than one good purpose.

"The name DOA is clearly connected to the people who taught me the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take" in life. My mother Dorothea, my grandpa Oskar and my grandma Annelotte." - Tim Beier, CEO Bearpaw Products & Founder DOA Foundation. Starting in 2019 with small steps, the DOA Foundation will take a big step in 2020 - together with Buckle & Seam. Of the total revenue generated by the DOA Collection, 3% will go directly to the DOA Foundation's donation account. The DOA Foundation will use these donations for various activities, thus trying to make the world a better place for children/young people and students. But this is not the only part that creates something good. Through the partnership between BEARPAW and Buckle and Seam alone, 3% of the revenue generated by Buckle and Seam has also already gone to the girls' school in Karachi.

helden_vorbilderMu5Hk5ndvb65HWhy does the product have exactly this name?
Dorothea is known as the former managing director of BEARPAW PRODUCTS. Building the company from a small "broom closet" has shown how strong a woman can be. During this time she has invested a lot of passion, strength, courage and energy in a vision, a company, a cause. It took a lot of effort - but as a confident & determined person, Dorothea always knew what she was doing it for. Besides her existence as an entrepreneur, she has been involved in another important task for 28 years: motherhood. As a mother of 5 children, Dorothea proves that there are many strong women in our world. Dorothea has always remained positive in every difficult task and has lived her motto "There are no problems, there are only solutions" day after day. For years she fought for the company and was the anchor for her family. In 2019 she handed over one million businesses to the next generation (Tim). To this day, Dorothea is an incredible and ambitious role model for many young women. With the dedication of the Laptop Sleeve we want to say thank you. Thank you for your dedication, your courage and your strength, which you have demonstrated every day.


The home for your laptop - Laptop Sleeve Dorothea
You can safely store your 13" laptop inside the Laptop Sleeve Dorothea. On the front side there is an additional pocket in which you can store small items. These individual products are made of "Full grain" leather. You wonder what this is? Full grain leather is the highest quality form of leather and makes the products made from it very durable. By using it, you can achieve a unique and beautiful vintage look after a while.

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